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London and East Grinstead
SE26 6BH
Contact Information
Tel: 07983428727
About RhythmSynergy
Rhythmical Events for all!

Drumming, body percussion, singing, movement, boomwhackers, music... and more.

We deliver sessions in many settings and environments: corporate, schools, community groups and beyond, we tailor events to your specific needs. Established since 2002.

To talk to us about your event(s), please contact us:

More About RhythmSynergy
RhythmSynergy is Jamie Morgan and Carla Viegas:


"I create a World of Love, Laughter and Gratitude by encouraging, allowing and empowering wholeness in myself and others."

The above is my mission statement, I do my best to live by it as it encompasses all I do in every setting and situation. I love working with rhythm and with groups of all types and I have worked for the last 12 years with many many different groups in many many different settings in many many different places. It is my mission to uplift, inspire, energise and celebrate with all the groups i work with, of all ages and backgrounds. To wake people if they are sleeping, energize if tired, educate where needed, uplift naturally, connect always and celebrate life through the universal medium of rhythmical music.


"Life says: Come out and PLAY!"

My mission and purpose is to Empower and Inspire people through the creative medium of rhythmical music-making, to show them they CAN, by simply facilitating a fun, relaxed, and allowing space. I aim to inspire real, honest, and open rapport between human beings, using rhythm as a vehicle.

I have been involved in performing arts for most of my life, and have been in professional music for the last 17 years. During all this time I have been involved in a multitude of solo and band projects, in a variety of styles. I am very strongly influenced by (and very passionate about!) World Music in all its forms, and in particular the Afro Brazilian cultural heritage; with which I fell in love after spending half a year in Brazil studying various currents of Afro Brazilian music and dance, Bossa Nova, Candomble, and native music and dances from the Amazon Rainforest. Additionally to being a drum circle facilitator, I am also a singer, dancer, songwriter and singing teacher.

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